Anatole cleared his throat before he started talking.

I have visited Sapporo several times on business.

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I won't find a girlfriend.


I have my own assistant.

Mother is anxious for my happiness.

Is this my fault or your fault?

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See to it that such a thing does not happen again.

He had cut down on sweets.

This is the house he lived in.


He is addicted to Starbucks coffee.

The older we grow, the less innocent we become.

Having enjoyed her studies in Toronto several years earlier, Kristen decided that now might be a good time to apply to become a Canadian permanent resident.


I'll call you tonight.


I won't have time this evening.

Don't pressure him.

Dawson fell asleep as soon as the movie started.


The boy had been crying until he got some candy.

The alarm rang and everyone had to evacuate.

Modern travel enables us to go around the world in a few days.

I've thought about you a lot.

When I tried to speak to her, I always found myself too shy to do more than stammer or say something stupid.

I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I did it anyways.

I'm only following orders.


Why is everyone staring at them?

Has anybody seen them?

She passed by without seeing me.

Rahul entered the empty room and immediately noticed a lit cigarette in the ashtray.

Will Beverly be allowed to go camping with the other children?

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One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

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Erik is thirty.

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Such things have happened before.

The first will be the last.

I was feeling nostalgic.

The cats are curious about the red dot on the wall.

My cholesterol levels are high.

Jun listened to my opinion.

You're one of us now.


I know how to settle this.

Did you notify Clarence?

I'm very glad that I did that.

He brought her dog to school.

I want you to stay with us.

The country's economy depends on agriculture.

Saddam Hussein had disappeared into hiding.

Wait until the light changes to green.

It must be nice to have friends in high places.

Do you guys need anything else?

Terry drank a cup of coffee.

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Let's take a walk for a change.


President Madison signed the bill into law.

You don't have to know all the details.

I cannot go to the party, but thank you for inviting me all the same.

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The girls were excited.

From the position of the wounds on the body, the police could tell that the attacker was left-handed.

Lately I've been having trouble with my memory.


I work hard for my money.

The daughters recuperated from the shock of the death of their father.

I need Arnold's help.


This is the first time I've ever waited under the rain.

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Tell me what you want. Do you want me to pass or you want to save fuel, like a duck?

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That would never happen, right?

He's concealing something from me.

I can't thank you enough for agreeing to help me with Marcia.

I want to take them home.

Wherever you live is the best place.

I visited him only to find him absent.

This thing is good.

I sat on something and broke it.

I felt as if I were an uninvited guest.

That baby will have slept five hours by noon.

Has it occurred to you that you might be the one with the problem?


Sundaresan got ripped off.

What do I owe Jong?

Where does your grandfather live?

Harald? What an unusual name!

She knew something was wrong.

Perhaps it will be all the same to him.

His illness caused her great misery.

In your dreams!

He ended his life by jumping off the bridge.

I know CPR.

I know Roger well.

She was born in a remote village in Nepal.

He falls in love with Aiesha.


This concerns you.

Esperanto is a small language, keeps on growing.

How much do those things cost?


The Japan team won the gold medal in the game.

I'm seriously considering getting married.

We were friends.

Earle's the one who's scared.

The man's behavior was very odd.


I think Natraj went to Boston by car.

The train was so crowded that I had to stand all the way to Ueno.

Does Saiid have what it takes?

Are you joking?

I'd be happy teach you German free of charge.

I am cleaning the kitchen.

It's pleasant to take a walk on the plateau.

I've never felt this way about anyone before.

I don't know about you, but I agree with Kemal.

That goes against my beliefs.

Shakil can play the guitar better than I can.

His explanation really isn't clear.

He was very puzzled.

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Shawn told Lorien he'd never met John.

You knew that already, didn't you?

May I go to bed?

We should have gone on a cooler day.

Let's go for a ride in my car.

Don't you ever get lonely?

What happened to them is still a mystery.

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She's a shy girl, but very affecctionate.

It's only a matter of time.

Kenn couldn't wait until the weekend.

Now I'm going to tell you how it is.

I think Laura should lose some weight.

When he claims to desire eternal life, in reality man merely wishes to avoid a premature, violent or gruesome death.

I know you're afraid.


It's excellent.

Here's a comfortable chair you can sit in.

I don't think this will be enough money.

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How are you two getting along?

You knew all along that I can't do it.

She goes to school by bus.

Start a new paragraph here.

Some women are very dangerous.


You know I can't wait any more.

If your wife cheated on you, thank God she only cheated on you and did not betray the country.

Only uninformed people think that language is used only to communicate. Language is also a way of thinking, a way of seeing the world, a culture.

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Good lunch.

The Japanese are a brave people.

She did not listen.

I said I wasn't busy.

You're a good actor.

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The word 'algebra' has Arabic roots, right?

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How much do expenses come to this month?

My thoughts are stuck in the web of the streets of Lviv.

Which side of the plate is the spoon supposed to be on?

Children exhibit a low tolerance for the frustrations of learning.

I thought you lived on Park Street.

I hope he'll wait for me.

Jussi looked very sick.


He thumped his hat flat.

Jean-Luc gives Beverly the book by Shakespeare.

Have you finished packing your bags for your trip to China?


We have enjoyed peace for more than 40 years.


Vadim and Samuel went for a walk along the beach.


You should help Agatha do that.

It is honest of her to tell him the truth.

Shamim wanted to be with Pim all the time.

I had nothing else to say.

Dori is Mike's long-time boyfriend.


Have you ever seen a stoat live?

I never learned how to play tennis.

Dewey saw Todd crying.

He's used to getting what he wants.

That's a waste of my talents.


I used to fish for hours on holidays.

Someone is outside.

It's getting there.

A hydrophone is a microphone designed to be used underwater.

I want to buy a dozen eggs.